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About Us

Who We Are

A Black, woman-owned mobile yoga and educational empowerment business that equips the community with useful tools for self-connection, self-expression, and self-awareness through yoga education and self-regulation workshops.

We embrace, engage, and empower the community-at-large by buttressing its members in five key areas: self-confidence, positive self-image, financial literacy, yoga, and self-expression.

Why We Matter

We exist to provide accessible yoga practice, holistic awareness, and educational empowerment to youth and communities. We believe a positive view of oneself is essential and critical to the way one approaches, views, and interacts with the world around them. We envision and stride to create safe spaces for people to explore, connect with, and embrace the innate badass warrior they are, beyond limits and imagination.

Hey. Jae!

Karibu! My name is S. Jae Ali (and the "S" stands for "Sista"). I am a former educator from the South Side of Chicago who has taught around the world (Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL, and; Zhengzhou, Henan, China) before leaving the classroom to open this business. I believe yoga is too accessible, too important, and too life-changing not to share. Only 6.4% of all yoga teachers in America are Black, and lack of representation is often one of the leading barriers for many youth to engage in and sustain a meaningful yoga practice. I also know firsthand the importance of being encouraged to speak your truth and own your power; unfortunately, for the adolescent demographic, these are not skills they are readily taught or encouraged to apply. As a result, many youth and young adults lack the critical financial literacy, self-regulation, conflict-resolution, and interpersonal communication tools necessary to effectively advocate for themselves and improve their internal self-view. We exist with an aim to change that. When I'm away from the mat, you can most likely find me collecting Pandora charms and passport stamps, curled up on the couch with my fur baby Khloe and a good book, or cheering on my beloved Chicago Bears on game day. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, and I look forward to supporting your wellness journey! (Y)ou’re (E)xtremely (S)pecial, and don’t you forget it. Namaste!


"Be the sunflower

in a rose bed; rising high,

adorned with a crown."

-Haiku by S. Jae Ali

From books to journals, special events and donations. Become an official Jae's BABE! Shop and support a Black-owned dream!


Their Experience

K. Longmire, CPS Assistant Principal
T. Roberts, Event Attendee
M. Crier, Global Educator

"S. Jae Ali is an amazing force filled with positivity, humility, and warmth. She brought light into a dark place, which is such a blessing. [Our audience] left our event feeling rejuvenated, honored, and empowered! She was extremely professional, authentic, and genuine as she engaged with our group. I highly recommend S. Jae Ali. You don't want to miss it!"

"Amazing. Talented. Mesmerizing. Eloquent. Relatable. Engaging. To be honest, there's not much more that needs to be said about S. Jae Ali. If she's not on your radar... she needs to be!"

"S. Jae Ali’s words are original and unrivaled. Yet within their originality are the voices and experiences of many… She tells a fluid story of struggle and triumph through her works. Whew does she have a way with words! There is magic in her imagery; Black Girl Magic, I suspect. Her words are food for my soul and I can’t wait to devour more."

Interested? Great! 


Let's Connect!

S. Jae Ali


Instagram && TikTok: @xo.sjaeali


We look forward to helping you unleash your inner badass and supporting your wellness journey! Namaste.


Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in contact soon. Please allow 48 business hours for a response. S. Jae Ali is unavailable on Mondays.

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